Training and Consultation


The primary goal and focus behind each STLwinegirl service is simple … HOSPITALITY.

From start to finish, front of the house to back of the house, daily operations to each table-side exchange, the presentation of your venture and mission should be consistent, unique, and well-executed.

I proudly offer a range of food & drink education, service training, and consultation services to assist you in various aspects of restaurant and retail operations to ensure your menus and service reflect your food and beverage philosophy, business brand, and custom goals.

Two decades of well-defined experience in the four and five star world of hotels and restaurants have provided me with a wealth of advanced cuisine and drink knowledge as well as refined service savoir-faire. Through roles in management, wine programs, floor service, and event planning, I bring independent, pretension-free expertise with expansive knowledge, great attention to detail, an individualistic approach, and a seasoned understanding of the industry as a whole. 

Food & Beverage Education and Service Training

We all know that a spectacular menu and a well-crafted list will bring guests through the door, but it is the service that will often decide the potential for a return guest or regular. The key to success is to create an educated staff with a sense of ownership who embody your establishment’s culture and products as well as equip each employee with effective selling strategies and sophisticated approaches to customer engagement.

Training, education, and orientation packages can be customized for both on and off premise venues, new and existing staff, and everything from food and wine comprehension to bar programs and table-side service. Courses and curriculum are presented in a professional yet entertaining, informative, and interactive atmosphere. 

Beverage List Creation, Direction, and Maintenance

Whether you are starting from scratch, looking to revamp and refresh, or are simply in need of a set of eyes to regularly review of your beverage list, I utilize my skill and confidence to create and maintain a unique program tailored to your concept and vision. My savvy knack for food pairings brings a new level of cohesion to your menu and provides an edge over your competition. 

Sommelier Services

Many restaurants are unable to have a full-time sommelier on staff, but often certain events, holidays, and projects can benefit from the temporary on-floor presence of a polished and qualified wine service professional. My pairing skills enrich menu offerings while ultimately boosting sales. My adeptness and finesse come together to deliver an unmatched enhancement to the overall guest experience.