Epicurean. Oenophile. Entrepreneur. 

Cork Dork with A Fork.

Meet The Wine Girl

Who Is STLwinegirl?

Food + Drink + Hospitality Professional.  

Sommelier. Writer. Industry Consultant. 

Think Tank. Social Media Manager. 

Epicurean. Oenophile. Entrepreneur. 

Cork Dork with a Fork.  

For two decades, I have been cultivating my passion for all things food and drink. Through every facet of the hospitality industry, I have procured and honed my professional service skills while continuing to grow from every opportunity. My training and experience are rooted in both front- and back-of-the-house positions in the top restaurants and luxury hotels of San Francisco, New York, and Saint Louis, and in a pursuit of continual education at wineries, breweries, organic farms, and creameries around the country.

Building from my outgoing personality and entrepreneurial spirit, I have combined my energetic virtuosity, imaginative ingenuity, and penchant for writing to create and manage a thriving brand dedicated to furthering others’ love affair with the edible, drinkable that world I call home. 

STLwinegirl Services

  • Food, Drink, and Hospitality Writing
  • Food and Wine Events
  • Social Media Management
  • Restaurant Consultation
  • Beverage List Creation & Management
  • Food, Wine, and Service Training and Education 
  • Sommelier Services
  • Press Pieces and Event Host Services

STLwinegirl Biz Bday 2018


It is with great dismay and disappointment that I must announce the POSTPONEMENT of “The Boozy Bee” this weekend. This was NOT an easy decision to make, but sometimes your health has to come first no matter how badly you want to just power through it.
I have been absolutely giddy about the overwhelmingly fantastic response this event has had! A lot of work has gone into its planning (So. Many. Fun. Spelling. Words.), therefore I assure you this will be rescheduled SOON!
Our sponsors have been so kind as to extend their donations of wine, beer, spirits, and gifts to the new date. 

And anyone who registered for a table or to be a contestant will be promptly reimbursed this week. A huge THANK YOU to the ladies at Lemmons for their work, care, and understanding! I urge you all to go visit them ASAP for amazing food, drink, and hospitality!
I greatly apologize for this abrupt change of plans. No one is more disappointed than me...
However, please stay tuned for our new date, as well as other events coming this Spring.
Thank you so much for your support,

As I embark on my 10th year of this crazy little business of mine, I decided it was time for another #STLwinegirlBizBday party!!!

This year we are keeping things a little more laid back than usual, and we are certainly going to be bringing a ton of food, drink, fun, and laughter...

I present to you "THE BOOZY BEE" - a spelling bee where participants will keep their buzz going. 

Rounds of drinks will accompany rounds where players will attempt to spell my favorite food & drink words. 

To register for attendance, reserve a table, and/or sign up to compete - STLwinegirlBiz

Love To Eat, Eat To Love

What started as a Facebook post by STLwinegirl Angela Ortmann to promote kindness, positivity, and collaboration is now a movement to celebrate of the delicious diversity that exists here in St. Louis. The first event, "Immigration Collaboration," was held in February 2017 at Mai Lee Restaurant and showcased over 50 immigrant chefs and immigrant-owned restaurants to raise money for the International Institute. 

The success and popularity of that event prompted the idea to turn into a series of events. 

The second installment of Love To Eat, Eat To Love took place at 2nd Shift Brewery in November 2017 and highlighted the wonderfully talented women working in the food and beverage scene of St. Louis. "Force De Femme" featured over 100 female chefs, restaurateurs, bartenders, brewers, sommeliers, farmers, distillers, distributors, artisans, makers, etc ... collectively creating a unique food and drink experience to raise money for programs that support and protect women in need and that empower young girls for their future.

If you have enjoyed one or both installments of the Love To Eat, Eat To Love event series or are looking forward to the other exciting things we have planned, please sign up for our email list and follow our Facebook page to keep up-to-date on future events and opportunities to support the STL food & beverage scene and the community it graciously serves.


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Support the Love To Eat, Eat To Love movement by purchasing a LIMITED EDITION tee shirt! 


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